TriDeci Quick Start Guide

Thank you for your interest in TriDeci

At first glance the TriDeci compensation plan can appear somewhat confusing. Therefore I have put this step-by-step guide together so you can be up and running and earning your first of many daily commissions starting today! 

Step 1: Join TriDeci 

Register FREE at the following URL... 

Step 2: Choose/Identify your preferred payment processor and fund it 

TriDeci accepts payments from the following five payment processors: PayZa, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

Please note that SolidTrustPay and Payza  allow you to fund their accounts with Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club.  TriDeci will have OKPay facilities very soon which will allow you to use many additional methods, including LiqPay and Bitcoin.

Step 3: Purchase DC Units 

The simplest way to earn daily from TriDeci is to purchase daily commission units. The minimum cost is $10 and will pay to you a minimum of 2% per day for 100 days (thus doubling your money). Obviously the more DC units you buy, the more money you can double.

Do allow extra funds for fees depending on which payment processor you are using. Below is a screenshot with the example of fees charged for the purchase of one $10 DC Unit.

If you want to earn an extra 1% (or more), which will pay the same amount, but return your money faster, you will need to upgrade your level. See the optional Step 3a below.

Step 3a: Upgrade to Active status (optional) 

Click 'Upgrade Level' and choose from any of the upgrade options depending on the benefits you want and can afford. Remember this is optional and not required to earn in TriDeci.

Step 4: Surf your 10 ads 

You have to surf 10 x 15-second ads daily to release your commissions instantly into your back office, where you will have options to withdraw, repurchase etc. Note that 70% is paid to your available balance and 30% is paid to your repurchase balance. Your repurchase balance can only be used to purchase cycler positions.

The message and link to the surf bar are shown in the ‘Daily Tasks’ area on your dashboard.

Step 5: Find you referral link  

From your DASHBOARD click 'Your Action Plan (Read this First)'.

Please do read all the information on the page, but scrolling to step 4 will reveal your referral URL. Share your referral URL on all advertising mediums possible (social networks, classified ad sites, email lists, traffic exchanges etc) as you.

The above steps should ensure you easily...

- Join TriDeci 
- Purchase your first DC Units
- Surf and earn your first commissions instantly
- Get your referral URL

Please CLICK HERE for a more detailed explanation